Ride Report – Gone with the Wind 2017

A great Gone With the Wind ride was enjoyed by 10 Freewheelers, under the comfort shepherding of Ron Keall our sag/trailer driver. Meeting at the Leg. at 8:00 a.m. it was easy to determine which way we were destined, given the strong west wind. What was up for discussion was how to best get through the construction challenge of the Regina ByPass project. It was decided we’d load bikes and ferry out to Balgonie to begin the ride. However, 3 of our group elected to begin at the Leg., and thanks to a new service road ( not yet officially open) from the Arcola Overpass to Emerald Park ,they had little difficulty in eventually catching up to the main group.

What a ride! Easy to attain speeds in the high 30-low 40 km/hr range, we dined at Wolseley shortly after noon. The group did spread out, as expected, due to a flat, meandering filming projects, and the differing strength levels of the riders. A number of individuals rode past Broadview, half-way to Whitewood. The collection of riders complete, we made it back to the city close to 6pm. A fun day!!

We have another GWTW ride later this year. Check it out!!