Riding Mountain National Park

For the second year we will be camping and riding at Riding Mountain National Park for the May long weekend, 18th to 21st.

Geoff will be coordinating this ride.

  • He is booked on site 250. See the map here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vEgyj8ZmMP9W0Pov1D3tTy46eguOAAKWq2HQ6Ry8vRE/edit?usp=sharing You’re free to book a nearby site or a site further away if you’re bothered by snoring.
  • Book a site online at the Parks Canada website. The park will probably be full so you’ll want to book a site ahead of time if you’re camping. There are other places to stay in the neighbourhood if you’d rather not sleep in a tent.
  • If you’re interested in sharing a test site or carpooling, check the google docs link above. If there’s anyone that has already booked a site and is open to sharing, send them an email and sort out the details.
  • When you register, send Geoff an email (yspadaden@hotmail.com) and he will add you to the google doc.
    • Names of people going
    • Email address
    • Where you are staying (optional)
    • Your interest in sharing a site (optional)
    • Your interest in carpooling (optional)
  • The park is alcohol free for that weekend. You will likely be stopped and questioned by law enforcement of some kind about whether you’ve got alcohol when you enter the park.
  • Rides will be planned democratically. We’ll talk to the park staff about trail and wildlife conditions before we decide on anything. We only scratched the surface of what that park has to offer last year.
  • We’ll probably do a bit of planning at the chilli night. If you don’t get around to booking a site before that, you may be able to find a place to share at that meeting.