Tour Coordinator’s 2013 Report

Date/Event Leader # Riders Distance/Route Weather Comments
May 1
Colette Forbes 6 ? 18
South to Harbour Landing & Albert Park
Cold, calm & clear 2 left because of tire issues and 1left because of cold. Velda, Marion & Colette stopped for tea at Tracy’s
May 4
Colette Forbes 9 25 19 c,sunny, light wind went to exit b and return instead of Condie
May 5
Fitness Ride
Wayne Mews 6 a nice day light winds and good temps.
May 8
Marion Perry 16 18 km loop through North Central & Rosemount – map published cool, 8C, wind E 17 kmh
May 11
Amazing Spaces Ride
Velda Back 4 approx. 50 km visiting houses on Amazing Spaces tour sunny 3 actually did the tour. Jim met us and rode to the east end with us.
May 12
Fitness Ride
Wayne Mews
May 15
Colette Forbes map posted Velda did braking clinic with group 2 and then re-joined the ride.
May 17
Freedom Friday
Jim Mcgrane 0 poor weather – no ride
Teddy Tour
Common Adventure 13 North Unit 32 km
South Unit approx 40 km
Saturday – cloudy
Sunday – drizzle to rain
10 campers in group site
May Long weekend a good time for Teddy
Great breakfast by Ron.
Good time had by all in spite of rain.
May 22
Jim Mcgrane
May 24
Freedom Friday
Jim Mcgrane 0 poor weather, no ride
May 25
Lumsden for Lunch
Marion Perry 5 52 km sunny with wind increasing to 37 kph -to Lumsden in under an hour, back in 2 1/2 – challenging wind. Joined for lunch by 3 other members who drove out.
May 28
Arleene Arnold
Janet Gibson
20 30 km south east, return to 13 Ave Dessarts
May 26
Fitness Ride
Wayne Mews 1
June 1-2
KVR Shakedown
David MacNeil 2 overnight
1 joined Sunday
2 non cycling campers
2 visitors to camp
June 5
Marion Perry
Velda Back (traffic clinic)
24 approx. 28 km
Northwest – map is posted
sunny & cool Velda led a group to work on traffic skills.
June 9
Fitness Ride
Wayne Mews
June 12 WNR Colette Forbes 21 20+ northwest
June 16
Fitness Ride
Wayne Mews
June 19 WNR Jim McGrane cancelled cancelled – weather warning
June 22
30th Anniversary Ride
postponed postponed to Aug 24 due to uncertain weather
June 26 WNR Jim McGrane
Joe Gomez
19 24 km warm June evening east to Glencairn
June 28 Freedom Friday Jim McGrane
June 29-30
Big Muddy
Barbara Shourounis 20 50 km Sunny Castle Butte -Big Beaver Loop.
WNR July 3 Richard Berard
David MacNeil
18 24km windy & warm North to bike paths to Fariways West & back to Dessarts
Progressive Dinner
July 7
Jim McGrane
Velda BacK
Marion Perry
26 approx 40 km breezy & warm east to Tower Road, through Creekside, UofR, Whitemore Pk, Harbour Landing to Tracy’s then to Tam. & Karen’s
Fitness Ride
July 7
David MacNeil
WNR July 10
Birthday Ride
Barbara Shourounis
Isy Azzopardi
26 riders
2 more for cake at Marion’s
20 km beautiful summer evening through soouth Regina and Harbour Landing – gravel to Campbell, 13th etc to Wascana St
WNR July 17 Sara Maria & Alex Daubisse 22 riders 27 km beautiful summer evening zig-zag to U of R- back to Victoria Ave-east eventually bike path U of R Stones Throw
WNR-JULY 24 Velda Back
WNR JULY 31 Colette Forbes 14
HERITAGE RIDE AUG3-5 Marion Perry 9 registered riders – Strasbourg – 83 km
Manitou Beach – 104 km
Guernsey – 40 km
mild tailwinds all weekend Regina-Strasbourg-Manitou Beach-Geurnsey
Off the BeatenPath Arleene Arnold 4 Folk Festival
WNR AUG. 7 Isy Azzopardi 7 20+ km south & west – map on website
WNR AUG 14 Barbara Shourounis 13 23 km “10 Bridges” ride because we rode over 10 foot
bridges in south Regina.
LUMSDEN FOR LUNCH AUG. 17 Velda Back 6 sunny, tailwinds home, lots of football traffic on highway
WNR Aug. 21 Richard Berard
Jim McGrane
17 22 km beautiful evening, early darkness U of R, east, then Glencairn to Milky Way
Anniversary Ride
Aug 24
Jim McGrane
Richard Berard
16 25 km
WNR Aug 28 Wanda Myles 13 11 km hot, early darkness
Batoche Weekend
Aug 31 – Sept 2
Leo Cote – Saskatoon Club 6 44 km
70 km
Sat. drizzle
Sun. sunny, light wind
Sat. to Duck Lake, St Laurent Shrine aprox 34 km gravel, 10 paved.
Sun. to St. Louis with a stop at River Lot Winery. approx. 20 km paved 50 gravel
Sept 4
Jim McGrane
Richard’s Ride
Sept 8
Richard Berard
WNR Sept 11 Jim McGrane 5 13.5 beautiful evening thru the University, Wascana, ending at Atlantis.
Gone With the Wind
Sept 15
Colette Forbes 12 93 – 130 wind from S.E. 20 to 35 From lege – highway 11 to just outside Girvin
Fall Leaves Velda Back 9 54 3 degrees at start, 13 at end great ride. Ft. Qu’Appelle -Katepwa loop
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