“The Eating Club with a Cycling Problem”

Isn’t it obvious?  The club owns enamel dinnerware for 50 or is it 100?  The season begins with free chili, salad and dessert for anyone who attends our spring “Information and Chili Night” and ends with at least two fowl supper rides.  In between we have a progressive dinner, bbqs, and potlucks.  We ride to Lumsden for Lunch and sometimes ride to pick berries or tour orchards.  There are ice cream and coffee stops after the Wednesday night rides and there’s usually a lunch stop after Freedom Friday Rides.

We are a bicycle touring club as well as a recreational cycling club. Weekend camping trips and loaded tours provide totally different good food opportunities.  When on trips where weight is not an issue, there have been such delicicacies as spam and other sushi (South Unit on the 2010 Teddy Tour), bananas flambe that almost scorched Tamela and Karen’s ceiling (Manitoba May Long Weekend 2008) and chocolate fondu over a Trangia (GASP 2008).  And there have been curries, chilis, stir-fries, and stews.  Yum!

Chocolate Fondu - GASP 2008
Chocolate Fondu – GASP 2008

Loaded tours present a different challenge.  Will we be able to buy food or do we pack it? I remember someone having a can of peas for supper because we were in the middle of Nowhere, SK, and that’s all that was available.  Several of the dedicated self-supported touring cyclists in the club dehydrate food and carry one or two emergency meals tucked at the bottom of a panier – just in case.

At home or on the road, the Wascana Freewheelers are an eating club as well as a cycling club.  I often hear: “I want that recipe.”  and “We should have a cookbook.” at Freewheeler events. This page includes links to recipes for Freewheeler Favourites – Enjoy!

Road Food

Potluck Recipes

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Side Dishes
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