Teddy Tour

Teddy Tour 2015 Information (printable pdf)

The 30th Annual TEDDY TOUR 2015
May Long Weekend – Saturday the 16th to Monday the 18th

This year’s ride will see us doing the South loop on Sunday and the South loop reversed on Monday.

DISTANCE INFO : (kilometres)
  • Regina to Williston via Plentywood 326
  • Regina to Williston via Weyburn 304
  • North Unit to Medora (south unit) 120
  • Williston to North Unit 106
  • Oungre to Williston 105
  • Medora to Dickinson 60
  • South Unit scenic drive 40 (43 with Buck Hill)

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

  • North Unit scenic drive 33
  • Medora to Belfield 28
  • Cottonwood campground to Medora 10
  • Regina to the South Unit 547
Phone List / Information
  • Williston weather 1-701-572-2351
  • North Visitor center 1-701-842-2333
  • Park Ranger 623-4466 or 623-4379 South Visitor center 1-701-623-4730-ext 3417
  • Highway Patrol 1-800-475-2121
  • Park web site: http://www.nps.gov/thro/ Tons of information here! Check the brochures.
  • The complete Visitor Guide can be found at: http://www.medora.com
Points to Remember:
Read Me!
  • Cell phone coverage is patchy at best outside of Williston. Depending on your phone plan, be aware of the high cost of roaming charges.
  • The recent oil boom has impacted the Williston area. High numbers of heavy trucks and machinery may be expected but NOT in the park. Some have opted for the Plentywood route down to avoid at least some of the congestion.
  • Booking a hotel room in Williston should be done well in advance of the trip due to family events and the high number of transient workers. (all the more reason to camp this year!)
Note: We use Regina time for all events.
Border crossings:
  • Remember to see the Canadian officials for a green card if you are taking down a new bike or any new or expensive electronic equipment – have the serial numbers ready.
  • Remember: no citrus fruit or Canadian beef products. ! I now carry very little food down with me. Williston has food!
  • Take your passport!
  • Port of Oungre (highway35) open 8am – 9 pm. Port of Regway (highway 6) open 24/7 as is the American side of Raymond. Highway #35 has now been paved so most will choose that route down
  • A couple of times I have had a problem using a Canadian debit card – have some credit cards or cash with you
  • We have booked the group site in the Cottonwood Campground (South Unit) for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The site is found on the far north end of the campground loop. The club will pay the small camping fee there. NOTE: the group site does NOT accomodate
    camper units. All the sites are walk-in
  • Camping in the North Unit is $10 per site
  • Please note: your Sask Cycle Association insurance is invalid outside of Canada.
  • A park entrance fee of $5 per person or $10 per vehicle gives you a week pass. Entrance fees can be paid at the Visitor Center and are in addition to the camping.
Bison on the Road
Bison on the Road

These impressive beasts have not been a problem in the 28 years the club has been doing these trips. Bison often roam freely in the campground but the biggest concern is avoiding the huge piles of steaming fertilizer! Don’t let the bison cause you to stay home- they are one of the best reasons to go (along with the wild turkeys and horses and coyotes and antelope and deer and prairie dogs and wabbits) If you encounter them (bison – not wabbits!) on the road while cycling, do not attempt to pass by – WAIT – for either a passing truck to shepherd you through or until they meander on down the road. If you get too close it becomes a staring match, back off and they lose interest. Be especially cautious of moms with calves.

“Stocking Up”
  • The major stores in the Williston mall (highway 2/85 and 26th Street) or the Mega Walmart (on the far north end of town) provide all you would likely need. For some unknown reason Coleman fuel is hard to come by.
  • There are 4 liquor stores in Williston including the one in the Albertson’s mall. The convenience store in Medora has a pretty good selection.
Camping/Hotel Facilities
  • If you plan to stay in a motel or hotel in either Williston or Medora be sure to reserve as early as possible as the tourists and oil workers take up a lot of room! To avoid a long drive on Saturday morning, some will opt to drive to Williston Friday evening or continue on to camp in the North Unit. This would give you ample time to check out Williston and buy any needed supplies.
  • There are no shower facilities but we usually havea portable bush shower set up. Do not assume that hotel guests are eager to share their showers – wait for an invitation and take your own towel.
  • Campers should be prepared for some cool nights. The weather, though much warmer than at Easter, is still unpredictable. The daytime temperatures vary widely so check the local forecast before you leave – prepare for both heat and cold.
  • Bring rain gear and waterproof boots
DAY ONE – Saturday, May 16

Details to be posted shortly, in the mean time refer to the pdf link at the top of this page.

DAY TWO – Sunday, May 17
Breakfast - Teddy 2007
Breakfast – Teddy 2007
DAY THREE – Monday, May 18

Please note: “Unless you indicate by email that you do not want this to be done, your name and accommodation location will be shared with the other participants in this event. This will be done to simplify communications “

Call Ron Keall at 545-1494 for further information or to add your name to a car-pooling list.

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