Do you want to join the club?

Membership in the Freewheelers Cycling Club includes a General Membership in the Saskatchewan Cycling Association (S.C.A.). If you are already a member of the S.C.A., you only need to pay the “club” portion of the membership fee. Click Here to become a member.

2024 Membership rates

Adult Members:

  • S.C.A. (Sask Cycling Association) required membership: approximately $70.00
  • Wascana Freewheelers Club Membership: $10.00
  • Total:  approximately $80.00 (including taxes and fees)

Click Here to become a member.

Do you want to try out one of our rides?

  1. The Wascana Freewheelers Cycling Club is an affiliate of the Saskatchewan Cycling Association, and as such, our members have cycling insurance and are able to enjoy unlimited rides with the Club.
  2. If you aren’t sure yet about joining, there is a way to try us on for size without membership, but it does involve some paperwork and there are some limits on how many times you can ride without a current membership with the Saskatchewan Cycling Association.
  3. First, and before the day of the ride, you must sign the waiver of liability form (Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Claims, and Release of Liability Agreement) and email the signed copy it to the Club.
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