Bike Lanes

Cars, Pedestrians & Regina’s “Bicycle-Only” Lanes

Some downtown Regina streets have blocks with “bicycle-only” lanes. Although the paint is getting faint in places, they are marked by a solid white line and a bicycle symbol. They may also have the  words “bicycles only” painted in them. Your experience riding in these lanes has probably alerted you to the fact that many, many drivers are confused as to what “bicycles only” means

Bike Lane Only
Bike Lane Only

Here’s a review of the rules for cars.

  •  Cars are not allowed to enter the “bicycle-only” lane except  to make a right hand turn at the next available intersection.
  • When turning right, cars should not enter the bicycle-only lane until the solid white line turns  into a broken white line near the intersection.
  • Cars may enter the lane to park, or to cross into an alley or parking lot.
  • Cars are not allowed to cross an intersection in a “bicycles-only” lane.
  • Pedestrians are not allowed to use a bicycle-only lane for walking, jogging or running.


 A Sharrow - Bikes and vehicles share
A Sharrow – Bikes and vehicles share



A shared lane marking, or “sharrow,” depicts a bicycle and a double chevron above it. It is used in a regular traffic lane. The purposes of sharrows are to alert motorists to the presence of cyclists in the main traffic lanes, encourage motorists to pass cyclists safely and encourage cyclists to ride in a safe area of the road. Sharrows are positioned on the road at least a metre from parked cars. Sharrows do not appear on roadways with a speed limit of more than 50 kiloometres per hour, where bike lines are present or on road shoulders.

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