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2020 AGM: Virtual Meeting

We need to take care of a bit of business from last year and will do a Zoom meeting Saturday November 7th at 7:00 pm.

We postponed our annual general meeting due to COVID.  We’d hoped the world would have this thing sorted out by now and we could just have our usual get together.  As we’re still dealing with a pandemic, meeting in person isn’t an option and we’re about to bump into some deadlines related to club status and so on.  Therefore we’re going virtual for 2019’s AGM.  We need 10 members to commit to attending this for quorum so we can close out 2019.

Before the meeting:

  1. Review the documents here.
    If you’re a WFW that normally submits a report for the AGM, email me the report and I’ll add it to the folder.
  2. Put your name, email address and maybe phone/cell number into the spreadsheet in the google drive folder.  (
    We need 10 people to make this a proper meeting according to club policy.  If there aren’t enough people who can attend on that day, I’ll need to know so I can panic appropriately.
  3. Download the zoom client for your preferred device and give it a test so that you’re ready to go.

See event in the club calendar for meeting login information.

Hope to see you there.