Wednesday Night Rides

Our Wednesday Night Rides have begun, with a few changes for this year.

One major change will be how we manage ride attendance. The SCA will be using the Cycle Club App (available for Android or iPhone) to register members for club rides to streamline COVID screening and tracking requirements. You can only have 1 Cycle Club App account per email address. For those of you sharing an email address, see the FAQ at for how to work around that issue.

  • To participate, you must sign up in the Cycle Club App ahead of time.
  • You must also do the COVID questionnaire before the event. The questionnaire automatically becomes available 24 hours before the start of the event.
  • To attend any event, you need a Saskatchewan Cycling Association Membership purchased from CCN for insurance purposes. You don’t need a Freewheeler’s Membership (although we of course encourage that). If you don’t buy a Freewheelers Membership but do want to ride with us, contact an executive (i.e. Geoff Ellis email to get added to the Club in the app. To set you up in the app, we’ll need your name and the email address you want to use with the app.
  • At the moment, we’re still limiting the maximum number of people per event to 10.
  • Post ride gatherings are not allowed (yet)
  • If you arrive early, remember to social distance. Wearing a mask is encouraged.
  • 3 meters of social distance at all times
  • Common sense precautions:
    • Don’t touch other people or their stuff. No handshakes or high fives
    • Don’t share water bottles.
    • Try to be self-sufficient with snacks and tools and so on
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